Friday, March 19, 2010

R. Kelly Fridays!!!: Pregnant

“Until I met this girl in the club with an unbelievable booty. Sweetest girl in the world and I mean it and on top of that she’s a cutie…Never felt nothing like this. She’s more than a mistress, enough to handle my business. Now put that girl in my kitchen. Girl, you wanna make me get you pregnant.” – R. Kelly, Tyrese, Robin Thicke, Pregnant

R. Kelly has found a girl with a hot ass. And on top of that, she’s actually presentable. So no need to put a bag over this one’s face before you pound her from behind. In fact, she looks good enough that R. is willing to let her cook meals for him. He may even knock her up with one of his kids!

Every girl dreams that one day, when she’s 15, she’ll have an ass nice enough for R. Kelly to notice her. So then, she can stay home and crap out babies for him and cook him Hamburger Helper. But don’t get too attached. Because soon, you’ll be 18 and he’ll be moving on to the next chick whose ass hasn’t collapsed from the weight of carrying his death seed.

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