Friday, March 12, 2010

R. Kelly Fridays!!!: Echo

“And when you need a break, I'll let you up, I'll let you breathe, wash your face, get something to eat. Then come back to the bedroom and I'll be waiting for you right there, baby. I'll be waiting there to fuck like crazy…wanna hear you echo.” R. Kelly, Echo

R. Kelly is a generous lover. When most people just keep banging away until their lover asphyxiates, Robert lets his young lady take a deep breath and wash all the sweat, jizzim and horribly evil shame off of her face.

But even though Kells is generous, don’t think he’s super nice. He is waiting to fuck you like crazy. And since we know this man has already peed on people and married and hooked up with underage women, his crazy is a totally different crazy than your crazy. His crazy might involve sticking live lobsters into your butt hole. But that’s just Kells. That’s just the way he roles. And this mother fucker wants to hear you echo.

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