Monday, March 22, 2010

Disgusting Lyric of the Day 42: We're All Alone by Boz Scaggs

“Long forgotten now. We're all alone, we're all alone. Close the window, calm the light and it will be all right. No need to bother now. Let it out. Let it all begin. Learn how to pretend.” Boz Scaggs, We’re All Alone

This song has always creeped the ever living shit out of me. Boz Scaggs has the name and voice of a muppet. But not like a cuddly, furry Muppet. More like a Dark Crystal-holy-shit-this-is-going-to-permanently-scar-5-year-old-me Muppet. It doesn’t help that the song has a lot of weird fantasy overtones. Caves and waves and old roses and seas and shit.

These lyrics are the perfect description of a raping by candlelight. Seriously, this could be the most romance novel version of a horrible crime I have ever heard. No one remembers you, no one else is around, so don’t even bother because we’re all alone. So let it all out. You might want to pretend about something else, because here comes the raping of a lifetime. And then we’ll listen to the waves lap at our heels right before I get my knife out for round two.

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