Monday, March 8, 2010

Disgusting Lyric of the Day 32: Finding Out True Love is Blind by Louis XIV

“Ah, chocolate girl, well you're looking like something I want. And your little Asian friend well, well she can come if she wants. I want all the self-conscious girls who try to hide who they are with makeup. You know it’s the girl with a frown with the tight pants I really want to shake up. Hey, carrot juice, I wanna squeeze you away until you bleed.” – Louis XIV, Finding Out True Love is Blind

True love may be blind, but Louis XIV is not. But the good news is, if you happen to be black, Asian, white, vanilla, self-conscious, smart, mad or dumb, the band Louis XIV is willing to fuck you.

This song is like the menu to an All-You-Can-Eat Sex buffet. What woman hasn’t dreamed of having her identity whittled down to “little Asian friend”? I kind of love that red haired women are called Carrot Juice, but I’m still kind of scared about what and how he is squeezing until it bleeds. I am hoping it is just some unfortunate backne. So long story short, ladies, if you are of some ethnicity and also are in possession of a vagina, and are willing to have sex that is perhaps best knows as opening for The Killers, you may want to head to a Louis XIV show.

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