Monday, February 15, 2010

Disgusting Lyric of the Day 17: Doug Fieger Tribute

“And it's a teenage sadness everyone has got to taste. An in-between age madness that you know you can't erase. ‘Til she's sitting on your face. It hurts!” – The Knack, Good Girls Don’t

The Knack start their song innocently enough. There are certain things that are universal to everyone and looking like a loser to the opposite sex in high school is one of those things. And if you don’t know what they’re talking about here, fuck you. I think I speak for the whole world when I say, get back to your current job selling used Chryslers, you self-assured piece of shit that made everyone miserable when you were 17.

So, we’re in this sweet, looking-back frame of mind, when suddenly, the song takes a weird detour. I am no prude, but I do think there are certain human activities that no matter how normal or fun they are, can never be portrayed in a way that is not revolting to anyone else. Sitting on someone’s face ranks right up there with butthole play and threeways in the category of things that may be fun and even sexually satisfying, but will make you sound like a total perv when you talk about them. Rhyming “face” with “taste” is totally not helping. And then, what the hell is up with the “It hurts” line? Is it the teenage sadness that hurts? Or is it the sitting on your face? Because, as off-putting as the lyric is, no one feels bad for a guy who is in pain because he has a teenage girl putting her fresh young lady parts on his mouth.

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  1. So i'm listening to this right now, and trying to eat lunch and I know I was warned about the 'sittin on your face..and it hurts!' part, but it came up and I spewed strawberries all over the screen. Thanks, man.