Friday, February 5, 2010

Disgusting Lyric R. Kelly Friday! : Same Girl

“We’ve been messing with the same girl. She’s the apple of my eye and my potential wife. Same girl. Man, I can’t believe we’ve been messing with the same damn girl.” – R. Kelly and Usher, Same Girl

This song is so disgusting on so many levels. Any girl that has been sleeping with both Usher and R. Kelly is, at this point, probably a chemical toilet, filled with enzymes and bacteria not seen by the likes of human kind. You’d have better luck making love to the Alien and still keeping your penis than coming anywhere near this monstrosity. And if R. Kelly is saying that this girl is his potential wife, she’s also probably around 15 years old. The proof that Usher and R. Kelly discover about them sharing the same girl is also ridiculous. She has a tattoo on her ankle, works at TBS and likes Waffle House? Well, that narrows it down to about 145 people. The only thing that is truly surprising is that R. Kelly and Usher would be this upset about having sex with the same girl and had not already both banged her simultaneously.

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