Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Disgusting Lyric of the Day 24: Work It by Missy Elliot

“Call before you come, I need to shave my chacha. You do or you don't or you will or you won't cha. Go downtown and eat it like a vulture.” Missy Elliot, Work It

Hey, if you’re thinking of going to Missy Elliot’s house for a booty call, give the girl a pretty good head’s up because she is going to want to shave all the pubes off her cooter for you. Because who doesn’t like a body part just as it’s freshly shaven and raw and bumpy. I hope that’s not too big a turn off, because she wants you to spend a lot of time face first down there. Specifically, she wants you to go down on her just like a bird that rips the meat off of the bones of dead animals. Just stick your horrific beak in there and rip her apart. Who hasn’t seen footage of vultures eating a dead gazelle and thought, wow, I wish I had that kind of shear destructive power directed at my most sensitive places.

Sorry Missy. You are awesome and I love you. But this line is gross. There’s no sly innuendo, just eat it. And apparently tear and swallow it.

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