Friday, February 26, 2010

R. Kelly Fridays!!!: Number One

“This is number one sex that we’re having here girl. You better ask somebody. Can’t nobody do it like us. Can’t nobody mix chop and screw it like us. All over the living room hitting it like us.” R. Kelly, Number One

Oh man, R. Number one sex? What in the hell is number two sex? Actually, you know what, I am pretty sure I don’t want to know anymore. What I can’t understand is why a man who’s been accused multiple times of peeing on underage girls would release a song about Number One Sex. We all get it, Kells. You like to pee on people.

The rest of the song also fails to make any sense. You better ask somebody about if you’re having number one sex? What in the hell does that mean? Who is she going to ask? The guy who’s filming it? I know what the best sex I ever had is and I never had to ask anyone about it. I was there. I already know. Also, I don’t know of any sex moves requiring you to mix chop and screw it, but I am not sure I would want my penis involved in any kind of mixing or chopping scenario.

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