Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Have to Go Back

Hey, did you know we have a Facebook page? You should totally be our friend on Facebook if only because I check our friend count like a deranged lunatic, hoping for the ticker to go up notch by notch. Also, there is a picture of my dog up there because I am an incredible loser. You can check out all that fun by clicking HERE!

Also, thanks so much for helping to get the word out. I am thrilled that we are picking up steam, and I am incredibly grateful for the people who have posted about the blog on their Facebook statuses, user groups and twitter. And I will be your best friend if you help spread the word, too. Cross my heart.

I also want to thank people for all of the song suggestions. I have been really happy that you guys are contributing too. And to my one persistent follower, I swear we are getting to Dave Matthews soon. Some of you guys have been suggesting genres too. What do you all think? Too much pop? Not enough rap? Country? Limp Bizkit? Just kidding. Those guys are douches (except you, Wes). Let us know your thoughts and comments, either here or at the Facebook page or at our email: disgustinglyrics@gmail.com.

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