Monday, February 8, 2010

Disgusting Lyric 12: Lightning Crashes

"Lightning crashes, a new mother cries. Her placenta falls to the floor." – Live, Lightning Crashes

Before they were making bloated, pretentious songs that no one paid attention to, like 1999's laughable "The Dolphin's Cry," the band Live was making bloated, pretentious songs that you couldn't escape, no matter how hard you tried. The nation was under a spell, and businessmen in cars and children in waiting rooms were singing along with Ed Kowalczyk as he whisper-sang intensely about spilling afterbirth on the floor.

There are a lot of things to witness there in the delivery room - the first sight of the head, the doctor saying "it's a girl," the joy on your wife's face when she finally gets to hold her child in her arms - and if you're Ed Kowalczyk, apparently you think, "I'm gonna go write a song about the stuff I saw falling out of her vagina afterwards."

Here, check out the disgusting video, where they even give you a drop of watery blood to help you imagine it. But you should imagine it more like a huge, mucusy gray raisin, cause that's more what it really looks like. Hey, don't thank me. Thank Live.

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