Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disgusting Lyric of the Day 50: Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones

“You, you, you make a grown man cry. You, you make a dead man cum.” The Rolling Stones, Start Me Up

The Rolling Stones are old as hell. In fact, Keith Richards has been clinically dead for years, but the lady in “Start Me Up” still makes him ejaculate zombie dust.

This whole song is like an old man’s cry for help. “Please, if you just are able to start me up, I swear I can finish the task at hand. Also, I may cry or cum on you, so watch out down there.” What does Mick want this woman to start exactly? Getting him hard? That would kind of make sense because this song was made in 1981, long before Mr. Jagger would have had viagra. Still, this is pretty much one of the best songs ever made about grizzled old English men pawing at you and never stopping. So, basically it’s about Jerry Hall.

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  1. How about "Soft" by Kings of Leon? Here's a snippet:

    i'm passed out in your garden
    i'm in i can't get off, so soft
    i'd pop myself in your body
    i'd come into you party but i'm soft