Monday, May 24, 2010

Why So Ridiculous

Hey guys.

So, welcome to the former Disgusting Lyrics and the current Ridiculous Lyrics. We’re not as disgusting as we used to be, but we’re still pretty damn ridiculous. Why did I change it? Well, a lot of reasons.

A lot of friend sites were afraid to link to a site that is blatantly called Disgusting Lyrics. And I get that. I used to work for a place that had “Adult” right in the title but was afraid to link to MGMT videos, so I know people get nervous.

Secondly, and more importantly…I was getting tired of writing dick jokes. It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever do that again. It just felt like it was becoming an increasingly huge trap. The last week I wrote Disgusting Lyrics, I made an entry about Limp Bizkit. I knew some of Limp Bizkit growing up in Florida and long story short, they weren’t exactly pleasant. One of them way more than the other band members (I am not naming names but the really dicky one wears a red baseball hat and has a self-made porno and his name is Fred Durst). When I started making fun of Limp Bizkit and dredging around in Korn lyrics, I knew it was time for a change.

The site will broaden to make fun of lyrics and songs that had weird lyrics but not always filthy ones (although I know those will still be well represented). I also have a new Twitter feed, and you can still be our friend on Facebook. I also have a new blog that features a lot of my other writing in the world of comic books, cartoons and television and you can see that here.

It has been a fun ride for 75 posts. I really can’t believe I have written that many entries. Thank you for all of your support, your re-blogs and for emailing the site to your friends. I appreciate you all.

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