Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's Going On

Hey guys,

Just a quick pop in to let you know what happened and what is happening with the blog. A few of you know that I am also a writer/producer of comic books and television shows. I am currently neck deep in a new show that will be announced at the San Diego Comic Con in two weeks. This show has consumed my life and has left me with little time for anything else. I feel awful not updating this blog every weekday (something I managed to do for months). But I can't and won't do half ass posts. So I am taking a little time off and will update when I can. Sorry for the break. I am grateful that so many of you checked the blog and I hope to be back with some more entries soon.

Thank you so much for you time. It means more to me than I can say.


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  1. Slacker. We need our fix. - Sex and Candily yours, emily