Monday, January 25, 2010

Disgusting Lyric of the Day 01: The Good Life by Kanye West

Have you ever popped champagne on a plane while getting’ some brain? Whipped it out, she said, ‘I never seen Snakes on a Plane.’” – Kanye West, The Good Life

Kanye West shows his mastery of time and place by setting the scene with intense detail. The listener is asked to imagine Mr. West on an airplane, opening and drinking a bottle of fine French champagne while a young lady is performing fellatio on him. Which, while probably wildly disturbing to the other passengers on the aircraft, fits the song’s theme of living the “good life.” And then, Mr. West places his penis in as a character in a late-period Samuel L. Jackson film. West presumes a fatal flaw here: While comparing your penis’s power to Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction would be acceptable, comparing your penis to a slimy animal that tries to kill Samuel L. Jackson with its teeth is just disgusting.

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  1. Kanye is a genius. That's what I've heard he calls himself. :)